The Age of Relevance


I've seen this woman circulating through the blogs, her style is the stuff of magic. I love how she has aged gracefully, wearing minimal makeup and wears her hair naturally. I wonder what her style evolution is? Whatever her style journey may be, her confidence shines in this photo;I can only hope for this in the future..Speaking of age, my birthday es manana! The big 25, the age of relevance. I know your thinking, "What does she mean by that?" Age of relevance...Does she mean everything I did up until this point doesn't mean shit? Na, quite the contrary my dear Watson, everything you have done up until this point has everything to do with your FUTURE (Paging Doc Brown! #BACKTOTHEFUTURE). My philosophical jaunt has me thinking, am I doing what I'm manically passionate about? Did I go to school for what I truly wanted (Bio degree) or to oblige the parental units? These self-posed queries not only have me talking to myself but causing me to push the edit button on my career choices and overall station in life...and with this hazy cloud of literary sentiment I promise more to come on my life changes and upcoming projects! Next up: Birthday party prep time!