First Signs of Fall


So ready for fall to begin...knits, boots, layering and the fabulous perfection that is the autumnal season. This is what I wore today, the weather has been a bit moody; making it perfect for my transitional pieces to make a debut. I absolutely love this Dries top, the Fall 2008 collection was by far one of my favorites! Its the perfect color (every color) and the raw edge is like a fine wine it gets better and better the more it frays. I cant wait to wear it with leather pants and an over-sized coat in the colder months.

Jacket: Gap/Tunic: Dries Van Noten/ Vtg boots: Michael Kors/Bag: Louis Vuitton


Mark of the Beast


A couple shots from a shoot that I did with stylist Mark Owen.... Clothes and accessories from my own personal wardrobe.


Envy Me.


I went on a shopping spree and got everything you see here..yeah, not really. If the banking system had a glitch and left my account with unlimited funds, this is what I would buy.

pics: netaporter,com, zara.com

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Personal Style Segment

Unadulterated,indescribable style. This is what stylist Caroline Seiber embodies. Featured in PARIS vogue, the better vogue mag. I rarely make mention of personal style unless I'm really inspired or interested in a person, and I've been watching this women for awhile, so the time has come for a post...well deserved for an individual with a well curated individual style. Two parts feminine, one part edgy describes this stylish maven. She is also a member of the chicest style council on planet earth...Chanel. Lagerfeld selects very carefully, in my book if he selects you as a brand ambassador your doing something right...I mean the guy is "the wizard", no doubt she's on the yellow brick road to style. Enjoy pictorial bliss.

Pics: Paris Vogue




Bloggers Wardrobe: The Sequel

I made it to the second round of the Bloggers Wardrobe competition! Thank you all for your support thus far. I'm going to need your help BIG time for this last stretch of competition. Its actually very simple..follow the link directing you to my Style Anthem facebook page and 'like' my personal style picture, after you've done this (see how easy that was?!) there is another link labelled Bloggers Wardrobe follow this link and like their page as well (because their actually running this operation and they need a facebook confidence boost, ie marketing!). Leave a comment with your name and blog and I will do a drawing for a vintage Louis Vuitton Noe Bucket bag!

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Blazer:3.1 Philip Lim, thrifted skirt, thrifted DKNY top, Michael Kors clutch



Wangin' It.

Champion of the token "cool" girl, Alexander Wang impresses with his Spring 2012 collection. Trust me, I don't have a problem with Mr. Wang he
is changing the face of american sportswear, and creating a niche for that girl whose not a walking Blair Waldorf. But, this niche like aesthetic of his has me wondering how long can you continue to make glorified luxury track pants? Ok, ok I know he makes more than the track pants.

The first few looks paraded down the runway..very meshy and minimal, so Alexander... but when this floral ecstacy traipsed down the aisle I was entranced. I'm a sucker for a peplum and this was everything I could want in a spring jacket. Degrade, floral, with a track jacket twist.... very Balenciaga Spring 2008 ( basically one of my favorite collections, bar none). The look says yeah I'm girly but don't underestimate me, I've got a black belt and I can use it  on you. The geo-aztec track suit and la femme nikita like grommet ensembles add dimension and contrasting colors to the rest of the collection giving the balancing act a state of equilibrium. In a word, Perfect. View the entire collection at STYLE.COM

Masterpiece Theatre


Prabal Garung. My absolute favorite collection. Full of whimsy and provocative femininity. View the entire collection at STYLE.COM


IFB Conference September 2011

Watch live streaming video from ifbconference at livestream.com

We all know that knowledge is power, why have a blog and not have it operate at its full potential? Well our friends at IFB (independent fashion bloggers) are equipping the latest crop as well as blogger veterans in the business of blogging. I am streaming it LIVE for those who can't make it to NYC. Watch it, take notes,learn from it, and most importantly put it to work!

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Heart of Darkness


Visually Arresting Editorial. In LOVE! September Bristish Vogue.

Photographs by Mark Segal
Styled by Joanne Blades
Model: Daria Pleggenkuhle


Music Mondays

Trying out fresh ideas on the blog, different things inspire and influence me and its really hard to determine what is or is not cohesive and relevant content (oh, the life of a blogger!), but I'm giving "Music Mondays" a go because I LOVE music. Music is at times exactly how we feel, the words we can't seem to find, the very essence of who we are. We get lost in it, tones tickle the back of our throats, we sing in the shower, and dance all night to it at the club... Music is everywhere just like Ms. Coco Chanel said, "Fashion is everywhere..." Fashion and music have had an eternal love affair.... Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Florence + the Machine, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, The Beatles, Yoko Ono the list is never ending...music is thought and feeling given lyrical life.

This weeks focus: The Kooks. British. A band. Enough said, Listen.

What are some of your favorite artist? Songs?

The Kooks-Kids MGMT cover

The King of Pop

Andy Warhol's mark on the world of fashion and music (he was Debbie Harry's BFF! C'mon cant get any better than that!) during the late 80s throughout the 90s was unmatched, during a time where "club kids" were the fashion set and punk rock was the reigning champ of music; Warhol took this environmental stimuli to his advantage and put it on canvas, film, and beyond. He is an ICON, always adored...always remembered. This video is a proverbial nod to the Shaman of cool. "Our Mountain" stars in the campaign for the new perfume POP, due out in Costume National stores September 8. Enjoy.

Source:French Vogue