Matthew Williamson for H&M

Check out this video of Matthew Williamson for h&m. The clothes are gorgeous! Designed in ostentatious hues & prints but with a stylish quality that is above and beyond. You can really see that his residency at Pucci has made a lasting impact on his designs. The blue suit so reminds me of the hot pink shantung silk suit that Stella Mccartney did awhile back. I might have to take a quick trip to New York for this joyous occasion.

Sources: CQ,fashonologie

PS collection drops April 23rd!
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sources:tiscali.co.uk,shoewawa, & WWD

Hello my lovely readers! Jules here, and do I have some great news for you! The "spicy" Louis Vuitton shoe has a cousin! Yes, shoewawa has reported that today the Voodoo sandal has hit topshop stores in two different colors. The "spicy" sandal has been dubbed the "it" shoe of the year and has been seen on the feet of many a stylist and fashionista; not to mention the queen of pop, Madonna.Now you can have the same fabulous Parisian tribal feel without breaking the bank, they are going for $250, a fraction of the cost compared to the $2200 Vuitton pump!


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I am beyond elated. I finished my organic chem exam and i can actually say that I think I did really good! The study sessions that lasted until 4am for 6 consecutive days payed off. This post-test elation has driven me to my usual past-time, which is as you read in the headline title, EBAY! Only on ebay would you be able to find such gems in one place for such an unspeakable price,(chanel half-tint sunglasses$99, dries van noten 50% wool, 20% mohair, 30% alpaca coat,$70(the combo of fabrics in this coat are making me all kinds of happy inside!);and a very close version of the famed givechy necklace from last year,$40. The only downside to this beloved site is being outbid at the last second or forgetting about it then seeing someone wearing it, remembering it and beating yourself up for forgetting about it... well enough of my tangent

Now that I have tests out of the way for a little while I will be posting more pics of myself(i have been in bumville lately due to the constant studying!) I will also be giving you guys some behind the scenes coverage of my best friends' (whom you all will come to know and love!)hair show this weekend, which im modeling for in a outfit I styled. There is soo much coming up and I have so many projects and I cant wait to share it all with you, so stay tuned and please follow my blog! Really im done now.
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This girl is stunning!

Her limbs go on for days......

Sasha Pivovarova VOGUE April 08.
source: tfs



Tutu blu silk face dress @ Pixie Market

Pixie Market. I just stumbled upon an advertisement (while doing my daily rounds on lookbook.nu) of this amazing store! I had to lie down because I was hyperventilating at all the hot clothes they had, sad part is most of the things I wanted were sold out but I'm sure they stock frequently, this is probably going to be my new fav store! MOre pics after the jump....



If money grew on trees I would have a pair of the glorious jeans that you see below, but since money lacks this affinity I have resorted to DIY. (But Lily is rocking the hell out of them!)

Trying to channel Decarnin's spring '09 jean at Balmain my sister and I bleached an old pair of levi's I never wear. They are still a work in progress, I want the white spots to be lighter; and maybe deconstruct them a bit.

levi jeans, random white tee, second hand blazer, tribute heels, second hand quilted chain purse


Sally Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

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After a long day of classes, I was overjoyed when I got a email from my school's shipping department informing me that my new shoes had arrived!!!! Originally, when I ordered the shoes I could not decide which one I wanted so I just ordered both and whichever I liked the best I would keep and return the other. The bad thing about this is that now im at a cross roads, I like them both! I need some help with this dilema, so tell me readers which one do you like better?

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pics my camera broke and I have had to resort to the camera on my phone. Click on the pic of the shoes to get a better look.

I love Brits!

Im kinda late on posting this seeing that this is the march issue but the people of Great Britain just have a great culture; they have awesome music, amazing style and gorgeous models to boot that is why i-D (although a brit mag, and i wont call them biased)did this feature, and I had to showcase it.

Behind the scenes of i-D mag's march issue, The Best of British Models!

OH Doo. Ri

Spring is in the air! Doo. Ri Chung set a easy, breezy tone to her spring '09 collection. This inspires me to drag my spring clothes out from hiding.
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Emanuel Ungaro Reloaded

Esteban Cortazar struck design gold for the Emanuel Ungaro label this season. In his third year as the labels design maestro, he has truely managed to capture the very essence of Ungaro's design in the height of the brands fame; the 80s. Seductively tight bodycon skirts and dresses so artfully constructed that the wearer would make a mummy jealous took center stage down the catwalk. Deliciously yummy technicolored pieces in hues of blue, fuschia, and orange were coupled with edgy onyx colored leathers and tights to make the transition from wearing skirt to pant a fashionably easy one. All in all this collection is sure to attract many a party girl. Long live the essence of Emanuel Ungaro.....



TOP SHOP crosses the Atlantic

That is all.......

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Frugal Macdougal

On Friday I went thrifting around my neighborhood and got pretty lucky. I scored a London Fog trench, a very chanelesque cropped black blazer, a black boyfriend blazer, two denim jean vests, and a pair of black trousers. I plan on adding a little something to the chanel like blazer maybe chain piping around the front pockets, and I really want to deconstruct the vest to get a little of that effortless grungey look for the summer maybe wear it with some black silk shorts a pocket tee or tank and some gladiators. Im super excited about the trousers as well, I plan on getting them cuffed; this year its all about the pleated cropped trouser people. Well im done babbling, be on the look out for pics of all my thrift finds, they will be up soon. In the mean time... I give you for your viewing pleasure pics of Robert Pattinson in GQ. The styling used was minimal but every bit of the word stylish. I especially love the grey Dior Homme suit. The pic of him smoking is a thing of beauty,very reminiscent of a brooding Bob Dylan. (shout out to Brittany thanks for the tip girlie!)

"Aux Champs Elysees"

I would count it a lack of fashion civility had I not acknowledged the a/w 09 show for Louis Vuitton, seeing that I worked at the Charlotte boutique for six months, I now have a greater appreciation for the french fashion label. Marc Jacobs, design frontman, serves us a luxuriously chic dose of his favorite decade for Vuitton this season (he used 1980s references in the Sprouse collabo and his fall 09 show for his self titled label as well). It was an amalgam of ruffles, shoulder pads, thigh grazing boots, and structured suits, with a feminine touch of lace throughout. It was a refreshing collection that embodied the parisian grandeur of the 80s while still maintaining that element of "classic" Marc design. Nothing short of sheer perfection, Marc's kilt and all.


Something Old, Something NEW

Today, March 14, 2009 6:53 pm marks a day of epic proportions! My new fashion driven blog is up and running! I am very excited about this new venture. I encourage all you fashion connoisseurs to get your daily fashion fix here on my blog. I will be showcasing up to the minute trends, fashion shows, editorial, streetstyle, my style, where to get fashion on a budget, basically any fashion info I find pertinent to me I will share this knowledge with you, my viewers, because I care about YOU and all things fashion!