Dog Days

I started having palpatative fits of excitement when I first saw this video, it is beyond inspiring! Her voice is intoxicating and her stage presence is undeniable! I've been trying to garner some inspiration because as of most recently nothing has really resonated with me as far as design is concerned so I figured if inspiration won't come to me, then screw it I'll chase it down, and tackle it! So that explains the current disheveled appearance of my living quarters .....my bedroom floor is littered with art history books, crumpled balls of paper, and half eaten pencils (nerves).... I've also been listening to Chopin,Bellini, and Verde',the archetypal gate keepers of the Romantic period.... New exciting collaboration with a Parisian designer is in the works.....picture this: if Chanel met Valentino had an affair and spawned a half bred Oscar de la Renta/Giorgio Armani Prive' mutant baby then that would be Sandrine's (designer) aesthetic! Can't wait to share the deets with you guys....

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