Cooler than Cool

My LCD on my car radio is broken so I've been feeling my way from station to station like a blind person, and I stumbled on this station that plays the best of the 80s, 90s, to the present...IMO that is absolute music Nirvana. I'm driving all judiciously and out of nowhere I hear No Doubt's "Running" and I can barely control myself, I roll the windows down and blast it so loudly that my car starts to convulse... the feeling of nostalgia sends waves of excitement through my body. I get home and now that I have the power of Gwen's voice surging through my veins I embark on a walk down memory lane. Youtube is my portal down reverie alley as I listen to every hit from the infamous band and even some Gwen Stefani in her solo formative years. Long story to a halt I click on Stefani's "Cool" and the video is what I like to say PHENOM...the imagery couldn't be better it looks as if its set in Paris or maybe Italy? Readers correct me if I'm wrong, but everything she is wearing aside from the leopard sweater and plaid skirt is worthy of supreme exaltation. Perfection defined. Her brunette bob, minimal make-up, and the chicest ensembles this side of Paris. Watch it.

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