Worlds Collide

I am a fervent believer of all things Garance Dore and her Pardon My French  series in partnership with Net-a-porter is no exception. Her latest installment featuring the venerable Franca Sozzani(just bestowed France's highest civilian award, Legion of Honor) highlights the fusion of fashion and technology and how this mutualistic relationship has changed the face of this industry forever. The catalysts that are facebook, blogging, and the especially potent twitter...makes "fast fashion" exponentially faster. Is this a positive? Or will production, creativity, and design be crippled by the need to keep up with the effects of Socialnomics on acid? Personally, I enjoy the up to the second updates. Where did she get that? BAM, oh its Maurie and Eve current collection due out next week. That neon beaded, swarovski encrusted necklace is pure INSANITY...who the hell makes it? Boom. Some chick on instagram got it from Charm and Chain.com. Fashion is now accessible in a way we never imagined before... Watch. -S.A.

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