Wangin' It.

Champion of the token "cool" girl, Alexander Wang impresses with his Spring 2012 collection. Trust me, I don't have a problem with Mr. Wang he
is changing the face of american sportswear, and creating a niche for that girl whose not a walking Blair Waldorf. But, this niche like aesthetic of his has me wondering how long can you continue to make glorified luxury track pants? Ok, ok I know he makes more than the track pants.

The first few looks paraded down the runway..very meshy and minimal, so Alexander... but when this floral ecstacy traipsed down the aisle I was entranced. I'm a sucker for a peplum and this was everything I could want in a spring jacket. Degrade, floral, with a track jacket twist.... very Balenciaga Spring 2008 ( basically one of my favorite collections, bar none). The look says yeah I'm girly but don't underestimate me, I've got a black belt and I can use it  on you. The geo-aztec track suit and la femme nikita like grommet ensembles add dimension and contrasting colors to the rest of the collection giving the balancing act a state of equilibrium. In a word, Perfect. View the entire collection at STYLE.COM

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