Music Mondays

Trying out fresh ideas on the blog, different things inspire and influence me and its really hard to determine what is or is not cohesive and relevant content (oh, the life of a blogger!), but I'm giving "Music Mondays" a go because I LOVE music. Music is at times exactly how we feel, the words we can't seem to find, the very essence of who we are. We get lost in it, tones tickle the back of our throats, we sing in the shower, and dance all night to it at the club... Music is everywhere just like Ms. Coco Chanel said, "Fashion is everywhere..." Fashion and music have had an eternal love affair.... Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Florence + the Machine, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, The Beatles, Yoko Ono the list is never ending...music is thought and feeling given lyrical life.

This weeks focus: The Kooks. British. A band. Enough said, Listen.

What are some of your favorite artist? Songs?

The Kooks-Kids MGMT cover

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