Frugal Macdougal

On Friday I went thrifting around my neighborhood and got pretty lucky. I scored a London Fog trench, a very chanelesque cropped black blazer, a black boyfriend blazer, two denim jean vests, and a pair of black trousers. I plan on adding a little something to the chanel like blazer maybe chain piping around the front pockets, and I really want to deconstruct the vest to get a little of that effortless grungey look for the summer maybe wear it with some black silk shorts a pocket tee or tank and some gladiators. Im super excited about the trousers as well, I plan on getting them cuffed; this year its all about the pleated cropped trouser people. Well im done babbling, be on the look out for pics of all my thrift finds, they will be up soon. In the mean time... I give you for your viewing pleasure pics of Robert Pattinson in GQ. The styling used was minimal but every bit of the word stylish. I especially love the grey Dior Homme suit. The pic of him smoking is a thing of beauty,very reminiscent of a brooding Bob Dylan. (shout out to Brittany thanks for the tip girlie!)

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