An instinctive cue went off in my mind when I saw this photo that hedi slimane took at Coachella. I was like this reminds me of something but I couldnt quite figure it out (dont you hate that!) so I saved the picture to my computer and didnt really think much into my weird reverie. I am riding in my car on I-77 going 80 blasting my "Because of the Times" Kings of Leon CD and it dons on me when "On Call" starts playing that this song more specifically the video to this song is what reminded me of this picture. Im not going to spoil it for you, watch the beginning of this video to see what I mean (avid KOL followers may not need to view it ;)
Anyone that knows me knows that I love Kings of Leon and because of this maniacal infatuation I have for their music (their also not too bad on the peepers either) I am going to their concert next week! I dont know what to wear, so that is what I will be doing today, oh and I promise to take loads of pics for you guys!

Thanks for reading!
-Go forth and be fashionable!


  1. omg im so jealous, i love love love KOL! i wanna go to one of their concerts soooo bad! hope u have fun!


  2. OMG, where are you going to see them?? I'm going to the one in Raleigh.. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear to their concert! Any ideas?!?! I'm thinking shorts and a tee or a dress and a fedora and a jean jacket.. I'd love to have your opinion! x

  3. Now this is freakin me out! lol I took a pic of the shot of the girl in the pink conway bag last night at Barnes & Noble so that I can post it today. You are one step ahead of me, lol! Karl Templer is a complete genius. I worship his styling techniques. BTW, thanks for the ocmment on the Siriano post. I think i may end up getting at least 3 pairs, I'm so bad..



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