And We Out.......

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Me and my bestie krissy were out and around the town earlier this week scoping out new places that I swear sprouted up over night. Along the way we stopped for some impromptu style pics. We ended up finally going to, the Noda District, this really buzzed about historical artsy type place on the east end of downtown (pics coming soon).It was really nice, a place where the cool hipsters/indie bands/wannabe romantics hung out. We stopped for a bite at this biker place called the Penguin where they serve the most AMAZING fried pickles! But the highlight of the trip would probably be a boutique by the name of Boris and Natasha (remember the villains on Rocky & Bullwinkle?!?!) half of the store was for the ladies (hence the name natasha) and the other half was guys apparel (Boris) they had everything from Anna Sui to exclusive French Connection pieces, but the creme de la creme was her jewelry selection, to die for! But I am going to stop right here because I have a upcoming interview with the store owner and I don't want to spoil anything...

Anyways, there is much more to come so continue to read my loves I really appreciate your support!
PS i am behind on comments so bare with me I will get back to you as soon as I can..
-Go forth and be fashionable!
photog: kristin forte'
thrifted vest, forever21 tulle bodycon tube dress & belt, bakers shooties, gianni bini purple python clutch


  1. love this outfit.
    another great ensemble!!

  2. hi dalrling!
    wow, i've just discovered yuor fabolous blog!
    and i'm really impressed !!!

    this outfit is so amazing! i love your denim vest and dress!

    and, yes , one thing i want your hair!

    much love ! :)

  3. wow my dear love the outfit

    have a nice weekend!

  4. The denim vest is lovely, i have really been looking for one!

  5. We have the same shoes? I love that. And I love where you live my great Aunt lives there too, I love visiting here there! :)


  6. Hii JULES! (twin) lol
    love your outfit especially the denim vest!!!
    Sooo haute!!!

    love how we have the same name!
    yes lets trade links!!

  7. Thank you :)

    Sounds like a deal. I may be up there this summer actually, if my plans pan out correctly!


  8. Fabulous outfit doll!! You have amazing style! I love your blog! You have a very cool sassy vibe in your photos! Love it!! Oh, also the hair is brilliant!! XOXO

  9. fabulous outfit, love those booties! nice job pairing the dress with that denim vest///

    //jess s/

  10. I just realized your blogging from Charlotte!! I live here too! So where is this place, Boris and Natasha? It seems like a great place to shop! I love your style miss! We should go for a coffee or something sometime! x

  11. damn! i love tht dress! reminds me of herve leger :)

  12. Cool outfit and sounds like you had a fun time! that last store sounds like a store I'd love to visit. (^_^) Liking those shoes and loving that dress! x

  13. lovely dress and shoes! uber cute and i wish they had more places like natasha & boris where i live....we dont have enough lil botiques