Hi guys! Sorry for the repeated editorial posts, I have been super busy; juggling studying, my attempts to go to the gym everyday,and my other projects are colliding in a way that is making blogging difficult right now but please bare with me as I will have tons of pics from the past two weeks posted soon. I am still trying to get the hang of photoshop and picasa, I have not yet mastered collages and cutting out the images; if u guys have any tips please email me or just leave it in the comments. Today I only had one class,lab at 8am (Yuck!) then I went to the gym for two hours (my limbs are like linguini now). I am now on my way to all the vintage/thrift shops in the greater Charlotte area in hopes of finding the perfect nude and or grey blazer, another pair of Levi 501's, statement jewelry, and clutches. I like to make a mental list of what I want because otherwise I make what I call fashion mistakes, which means I buy crap that I never wear and it turns out to be, like I said a mistake. My best friend and I were organizing my closet this weekend and she pulled out this fugly sweater I bought like two years ago and she said "what is this Julianna?" and I responded with "a mistake" it was really funny you had to be there! (random I know, im like that sometimes). SOOOOO.... Im done now, you guys have a great day! oh yeah dont forget its april fools so watch ur backs!

-Go Forth and Be Fashionable!


  1. great image. and i totally understand your busy times, it's the same for me:) xx

  2. you are so sweet! hey but now that you say it, it really is kind of like lanvin , the colours and the style. xx

  3. oooh i am no stranger to the fashion mistake. don't you just hate those urges you get when you're like OHMYGOSH INEEDTHIS and then a few hours later you question your judgement? story of my life.


  4. i could wear almost eveything that she's worn. she truly is a style icon

  5. mmm i love your blog! i just came across it and your name caught my eye and just wow. it's one of the best fashion blogs i've seen, and i can't wait to see more!


  6. lol im glad im not the only one emmy

  7. great blog, where is that picture in your header from?? gorgeous. must say that your music made me jump about 2 feet in the air and i couldn't work out where it was coming from! white buttons on the white teddy bear is very confusing lol. have added you to my blogroll, looking forward to a new read :)